Message from the President

Oct 2, 2020

Summer is coming to a close for our area, but we still have time to enjoy our cars before we put them into storage. The weather, along with the virus, has had an impact on the clubs activities this summer. We hope that the virus is more in check next year and will allow us to return to a more normal club event schedule which will include our bowling party in March or our visit to Watkins Glen in April along with our annual 7 to 10 day trip either in the spring or the fall. We still have time to get out and enjoy the beautiful colors in our area in the coming weeks. From what I have read the color this year is supposed to be outstanding, which can change dra-matically with weather changes. Earlier I sent everyone an e-mail about my conversation with a Lakewood Rod & Gun Club board member and that I asked if our club could resume our monthly meeting at the R & G. I was advised that we can restart the club meetings and that we will be able to hold them on a Thursday evening which has opened up after changes to the usage of the R & G clubs meeting room. The meeting schedule will begin on the third Thursday, October 15th at 7:00 pm followed by our last meeting of the year on Thursday November 19th. Note: The web site and club application has been corrected to reflect this change.

The clubs Christmas Party date has changed from Saturday December 5th to Friday the 4th. Greg and Diane Paterniti along with Andy will be providing all the details in the coming weeks. The date change was neces-sary because of the possible closure of the original restaurant location for December.
I am hopeful with the club restarting our monthly meetings that we can get our club events for next season back on to a more normal schedule. Also, with the meetings starting in October we still need to practice good covid-19 standards with social distancing and wearing mask when not sit-ting and moving around in group settings. Even though we are able to hold our meetings we still need to keep safety in mind for the good of all of our members and that of the R & G club members.
That’s all for now and I hope we can have a good showing for our first of-ficial club meeting for 2020. Stay safe and remember to practice the covid-19 standards when possible.

Sept 18, 2020

To All:

I have been in contact with the Lakewood Rod & Gun Club's President and he has in turn reviewed with his BOD my request for our meetings to return to the their location in Lakewood.   I am happy to be able to tell everyone that our club will return to monthly meetings starting in October.  Because many things have changed for their meeting room availability we are now able to return to a Thursday evening and follow our standard monthly schedule.  This is great news and I appreciate the Lakewood BOD reviewing their new usage of the meeting room and allowing us to once again be able to use their meeting room.  However, it will be on the THIRD THURSDAY of the month so mark your calendars accordingly.  Our meetings will be starting on Thursday October 15th followed by the last meeting this year on November 20th.  The meeting start time will remain at 7:00 pm. 


Sept 2020

The summer weather has been dry and great for driving and should have been a fun time. However, with the virus it limited us to what we could do early in the season and I was hoping for a better fall. With that said, I regretted to have to cancel the annual picnic, but I felt it was the best thing to do under the current circumstances. Moving to another location was possible, however, the catering com-pany had planned to serve two different groups in Lakewood that evening and it would have been difficult for them to transport food too far and still manage both groups. It was, also, a possibility any al-ternate location could cancel for the same reasons as the Rod & Gun Club did. We are all aware of clubs and restaurants being re-stricted on the number of people they can have at a single gathering and it will likely remain that way for some time. If any business has an employee or customer that test positive for Covid-19 it has a major negative impact of their business for some time. It maybe sometime before we can resume our normal monthly meetings so we need to think of ways to possibly hold these meetings, I am open to suggestions. An outside venue is a good way to keep everyone at a safe distance, but could create additional issues that we would need to deal with such as parking and communicating effectively. However, this is not anything that we cannot deal with, but it does make sites very limited.
There continues to be restrictions on what our club can take part in, but cruising is not one of them. On Sunday August 23rd our club did have a cruise to Sprague’s Maple Farms in Portville, NY and the turn-out was great, thirteen cars.

The weather was not the best with some rain from time to time, but we all had a great time and the roads, for the most part, were fine. The routes that we used were some that we had not traveled on before. I think we should plan on more cruises for the remaining season so get your thinking caps on and look for inter-esting destinations for us to visit. Another possibility would be to have a mystery cruise as everyone is always ready for an adventurous drive. A travel picnic is an-other options we should consider planning.

On the Covid-19 virus, if what I am reading and hearing is even close to being ac-curate from the medical community, treatments are being developed and early testing is showing promising results. However, even with a vaccine many people may be reluctant to take these shots without long term proof of positive results and what the reactions could possibly be. I, for one, would not hesitate to take the vaccine even without any long term history available, as I believe it beats the alternative.

I know many people were disappointed that we did not go on a fall trip this year including myself, but I felt that it was just too uncertain on hotels, restaurants and even national parks being open. We all know how hard it can be just to find a place for everyone to eat even without the current limitations in place. It would be a problem if we traveled to a faraway location only to find new restrictions had been implemented on things we wanted to visit or use. These issues can change from state to state which makes it even more difficult to determine what the im-pact could be.
On a more positive note, we are looking into a Christmas Party location and Moon Brook Country Club has been tentatively booked for Saturday December 5th. They have the room to safely distance tables and have done a great job for us in the past. Mark this in your calendar as this is always a great time with a central location and easy access to in the winter months. Let’s all hope this virus is under control for next year so we can get back to a more normal club activity of meet-ings and gatherings. In closing, I would like to wish all our members and their families a safe and happy Labor Day weekend. Take care, be safe and GOD BLESS AMERICA!

Aug 2020

It is with regret that I have to inform you that the Lakewood Rod & Gun Club has requested that we cancel our August annual picnic at their pavilion.  I have heard that they have turned other groups away and I sense that they are concerned about group gatherings and someone getting covid-19.  We could look for other locations and end up with the same situation so I am just going to cancel the picnic.

The new C8 seems to be gaining interest, even though production is not high at this time although I have heard a lot of good comments on its performance features. Just wondering if any member has had an opportunity to look at a new C8 or better yet sit in it or had a chance to drive one. NOTE: Because of the limited availabil-ity of the C8 I have heard some dealers are asking very high prices for them.

With the Covid-19 tests increasing, more and more people are testing positive. I hope that everyone’s family is staying safe and following the recommended prac-tices. This brings me back to the topic of our club picnic once again and here is what I would recommend, everyone should wear a face mask until we find our seat and try to social distance when having conversations with other members when possible. Also, don’t forget your hand sanitizer. Maybe we could even have a fun-niest face mask contest, just a thought?

That’s about all for now and I’m hoping that everyone can return to a more normal life style by the end of the year. I, also, would like to plan a September meeting, dependent of restrictions, even if we need to hold it outside. Progress does seem to be heading in the right direction on vaccines so let's keep our fingers crossed. I hope to see everyone at the annual picnic.