Message from the President

Sept, 2021

September is here and it marks the start of the fall season, for me anyway. Some feel that way when August 1st comes around. Whichever way you look at it we all understand that long warm days are almost over and the weather is likely going to change at any time. However, that does not mean we cannot look forward to some colorful fall foliage in our surrounding areas. Let’s take advan-tage of this and plan a few cruises while we still have the good weather.

I want to thank all those that were able to come to the clubs Annual Picnic at the Lakewood Rod & Gun Club on Thursday August 19th. Your support is very important for the future of the club and participating in club functions goes a long way to ensuring the clubs future. Thanks also to all the members that either helped bring needed items needed, such as the corn kettle and burner system for the corn to the picnic along with those that helped with the setting up and taking down of club materials. Special thanks to those that made baskets and helped in coordinating the ticket sales and raffles this year. As you all know, we were looking for a club secretary, Diane Paterniti and Robin Brown stepped up have agreed to be co-secretaries for this position, thank you Diane and Robin.
Note: Next year we could be looking for a new BBQ service as Mike (All American BBQ) is in the process of selling his busi-ness. If he does sell his business he will not be doing any BBQ so I think we should be thinking about an alternative caterer for next year. If he does not sell his business he may offer special catering for private parties such as our picnic.

The September meeting is scheduled for the third Thursday September 16th at the Lakewood Rod & Gun Club meeting room starting at 6:00 pm.

NOTE: To the BOD: I would still like to have a meeting before we lose some of our directors/officers to the move south for the winter. BOD please provide me with a day of the week and time that would best for you and the meeting must be done prior to September 16th meeting, thank you. I will provide an agenda prior to the meeting, thank you.

The September fall trip to Maine is fast approaching and it is time to share details on the trip with those interested the details on this planned trip. All hotels rooms have been made and everyone going should have their confirmations at each stop. Routes and time lines are being finalized and I will bring the information to the meeting on the 16th. As past travelers on these trips know, I like to have every-one’s contact in case of emergency (ICE) and their relationship. Example: For Sandy and me it is our daughter Tammy and our son Shawn, with both their home and cell phone numbers. We have never had to use these, but, I believe it is a good idea to have them. Hopefully the travelers also share the trip detail information with their family.

Let’s make the most of the remaining driving season.


Aug 2021

August has arrived and we still have a lot of good weather to look forward to. We have several August functions coming up and need to know who will attend each.

On August 14th at 12:00 noon, we plan to have a picnic for Tim Sa-gurney (weather permitting) at the Mayville Park where we have held a few club meetings. We are asking everyone that plans to at-tend to bring their own sandwich and beverage along with a lawn chair. We are, also, asking for each couple to bring a dish to pass. So far, we have cupcakes and macaroni salad. Please send Sandy an e-mail @ advising your attendance along with what item you plan to bring so we don't have too many duplicate items.

The Annual Picnic is coming up for all members on Thursday, August 19th, at the Lakewood Rod & Gun Club Pavilion. It will start at 6:00 pm with dinner scheduled to be served at 7:00 pm. We could use help with set up, take down, and clean up that day. The catering company cannot do the corn this year so Rick Reiff is planning to bring a st burner. Ted Okerlund is going to pick up the stainless steel pot. Without these two items, we would not be able to have corn this year. ALSO, I need to know how many plan to attend the picnic so Mike will be able to order the chickens and items needed for the picnic. If you have already informed me that you plan to attend, there is no need to reconfirm this.

NOTE: Lynn Sagurney has given me the club files on the minutes be-cause she can no longer be Club Secretary with the care needed for Tim and the fact that they have moved to Erie. I want to thank Lynn for her work on various club administration activities over the past years. Lynn and Tim have always been big supporters of the club; however in this situa-tion, we need someone to take over the secretary duties for the club. Let me or any board member know if you are willing to take on this responsibility.
Also, those that plan to go on the September Fall Trip should stay for dis-cussions after the annual picnic so we can go over some details.
Note: I would like to have a board meeting in late August or early Sep-tember and would appreciate the BOD members to let me know which time period works best for them.
That’s all for now. I hope to see a good turnout for Tim’s picnic on August 14th and our Annual Club Picnic on August 19th.


July 2021

The summer is in full swing and we have had only limited activities for vari-ous reasons, but, I think the storm clouds are moving on. The July dinner at the Shorewood Country Club in Dunkirk (July 15th is at 6:00 pm) 4958 W. Lake Rd., Dunkirk, NY is only a few weeks away and if past functions there is any indication it should be another great time. Molly Staley has been doing all the work coordinating this event and she deserves a great big thank you from everyone for stepping up and taking on this annual event, Thank You Mollie.

You remember that I mentioned we are once again allowed back into the meet-ing room at the Lakewood Rod & Gun Club for our monthly meetings. New York State has opened up restaurants and etc. to full occupancy. This is good news and we are, also, scheduled to have our clubs annual picnic (August 19th, no formal meeting in August) back at the pavilion at the Rod & Gun, which is same location we held this function for over ten years. It will start at 6:00 pm and generally runs until 9:00 pm. This is the best attended club func-tion that we have during the year and help is always welcomed (5:00 pm) for set-up and corn shucking. All American BBQ will be handling the food once again. I would like someone to furnish a propane heater and to pick up a large SS pot from All American BBQ (call Mike at 716-499-6030, he has already agreed to let us use his large kettle) for the corn. Let me know if you are will-ing to be responsible for this area, thanks. However, (AABBQ), will not be preparing the chickens at the pavilion this year, but will be serving and sup-pling, everything as they have done in the past, except for handling the corn. I will be starting a list of those that plan to attend so let me know your plans as soon as you can. We, also, need someone to step up and be in charge of bas-kets that we raffle off at the picnic.

Just a short reminder about the August 14th picnic for Tim Sagurney. Mark your calendars so you do not miss this picnic at the Mayville, NY park picnic area.

Travel restrictions in many states have, also, been either relaxed or eliminated so plan something for this summer that the membership can take part in. We have had mystery cruises in the past and they were a big success. This is an easy thing to do just send out an e-mail to see how many would like to be part of this with a date and the timing. Sandy and I have an idea for one in the future, details to come. Just a plain old day cruise with a packed lunch and a ride to a cool spot with the enjoyment of our local scenery along the way.

It is time to get active again and take advantage of the relaxed restrictions to travel some of the great country roads in our general area. Like one of the local car deal-erships always say, “It is time to get out and play”.

I would like to wish everyone a safe and Happy July 4th weekend.


June 2021

June has arrived and it seems that the country is starting to reopen as some states relax a few of the COVID restrictions. The club is also starting to get a handle on some possible events for this season and hopefully we get our club back into the driving mode. The vaccines are becoming more available and more people are getting their shots, which should help limit the COVID. The country is trying to get back to opening up more of the day to day ac-tivities, but, in my option this could take a long time. Some states are more aggressive than others in opening and as we know things could change at almost any moment.

I have been looking at a fall trip to the New England area, which many of us have been to before. However, it is hard to find areas that members have visited before and a time period that works for all those interested in this trip. Timing and the COVID situation will likely impact those interested and regrettably, whatever sched-ule is finalized it will not work for all interested in this type of trip for seven to eight days. The trip will mainly end up in the Maine coastal area with side trips for everyone to develop on their own, if they have an interest in planning this type of venture. More details on the fall trip will be sent out in the next few days as my last mes-sage on the trip generated several responses of conflicts for some on the timing.

I mentioned at our last club meeting that I will be sending out a survey to the membership via e-mail in order to get some feedback on a few sub-jects. When you get the survey you can print it and mark your responses and mail it to the club post office box or bring it to the June meeting so we can discuss it at that time. The June meeting is scheduled for Thursday the 17th at the Lakewood Rod & Gun clubs pavilion starting at 6:00 pm.
Sandy and I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day Holi-day and remembered those that gave the ultimate sacrifice so we can en-joy the freedoms we have today.

May 2021

May has arrived and to be honest, I thought we would be further along with the status of COVID-19 by this time. With that said, I continue to have a much better feeling about this year’s club func-tions and picnic. Speaking about activities for the club this season, let me clear up a few questions on several areas.

First, with regards to club meetings, our meetings will be held at various locations for this season and as always things could change, however, the May meeting will be held on Thursday May 20th at 6:00 pm. at the Mayville Park, the same location as our first meeting. The June and Septem-ber meetings will be held at the Lakewood Rod & Gun Club pavil-ion starting at 6:00 pm. We will advise the location of the October and November meetings at a later date.

Our July dinner/meeting will be held at the Shorewood Country Club in Dunkirk on July 15th at 6:00 pm. Mollie Staley has set this up and will be providing more details at the May meeting. I want to thank Mollie for coordi-nating this club function and if anyone would like to help her with the details, I am sure she would appreciate any help offered. Our annual picnic cannot be held at the Rod & Gun Club this summer and we are in the process of determining a location for this year’s picnic. In checking into a possible fall trip, I have learned that many states still have restrictions on restaurant capacity and it is anyone’s guess on what the situation may be in the fall.With this in mind, it seems most members are more comfortable with weekend trips and or short cruises than a week or ten day trip. Let’s be thinking about what we can do for fun with our cars either for a long weekend or a day long cruise. During our Sunday’s trip to the Quaker Steak & Lube in Sharon, Pa. the Shenango Valley Corvette Club mentioned a May 15th Bair’s Corvette Shop for a classic cruise-in at 316 Franklin Street, Linesville, Pa. For more details you can visit Bair’s web site. This would make a great drive and a place to see some corvette history as they have done a lot of corvette restorations over the years. Sandy and I cannot participate, as we have company visiting that weekend, but a member could set this up and lead the group.

If anyone can think of other activities that we could possibly include in our sum-mer calendar, please share it by sending out an e-mail with a few details. It takes time to get everyone’s feedback and make plans, so the earlier you can send out the information the better. Also, if you know of any car events within a few hours of Jamestown please, also, share that with the membership.

That’s all for now and I hope to see everyone at the May meeting. Wishing all club mothers a very Happy Mother’s Day and may everyone enjoy a safe and wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.


April 1, 2021

The driving season is approaching for the coming season and once the roads are washed down with some spring showers getting the cars out of storage is very near. Time will tell what type of spring we are heading for, but, let’s all hope for the best and make plans with that in mind.

April is our first club meeting for the new season. Our meetings are held on the third Thursday of the month unless specific plans are made for a different outside location. Using this format our first meeting this year will be held on Thursday April 15th at the Lake-wood Rod & Gun Club in Lakewood, NY. Our meetings start at 7:00 pm and generally last no longer then one hour.

I know that during the last season we could not meet as normal and I am hoping that this restriction is somewhat less this year so we can start more club activities. I plan to contact other clubs in our general area and discuss activities that perhaps we could invite/join their club in expanding our seasonal functions. The Shenango Valley Corvette Club, which holds the Quaker Steak & Lube Corvette Show, is currently planning to hold this function on April 24th. This event generally starts at 9:00 am and is very well attended and we would need to get there fairly early to get a mid-lot space for our cars. This is just one event that I have discussed with other clubs and I would encourage everyone to contact other corvette clubs and see what they are planning for the coming season. I would like everyone to be prepared to discuss this topic at our April 15th meeting.

The trip to Watkins Glen has generated only two members interested and they will be going to this event on Saturday April 10th for the 11:00 am track time slot. If anyone would want to join them, the two members that are going are, Bob Ball and Chris Bernhardt. That’s all I have for now, except to ask that we have a great turn out for our first meeting of the season. I do realize that we still have many members down south that would be attending this meeting if they were back north. For those members not able to attend the April meeting please send any thoughts you have for this seasons activities either via e-mail or provide them to other club members.


Dec 2, 2020

The year is coming to a close and it certainly has been one for the history books. We have all had to change our daily lives for many reasons, but, mainly because of the coved-19 virus. With virus cases on the rise, at this time, many states are looking at new lockdowns which most people do not agree with. This makes the holiday season more difficult for everyone and makes some family plans much more uncer-tain. Holiday shopping and traveling is just part of the un-known areas that we are heading into this time of year. When you add this to the recent election situation and the impact that this can have on all of us, this season is one that we will all remember. On the optimistic side, let us look to the future with hope and optimism as vaccines are almost here and with this we have a very good chance of getting back to a much more normal life style next year.

This means we can start to make plans for club events in 2021, including a fall trip and possibly even a weekend cruise to a special scenic area within a reasonable distance from Jamestown. Even with all the unknowns we are facing this season we still have a lot to be thankful for and it is a good time to think about helping others less fortunate than most of us. When you give to others it always comes back to you at some point and makes you feel a lot better as a person. Everyone has their own way of reaching out to others even through volunteering at this time of year as there are many organiza-tions that can use a helping hand.

I want to send a special thanks to Greg, Diane and Andy for once again planning this year’s Christmas Party scheduled for Friday December 4th at the Chautauqua Harbor Hotel.

Sandy and I want to wish everyone and their families a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and stay safe. Gary

Nov 3, 2020

November has arrived and all the same questions re-main on everyone’s minds, what will happen in the fu-ture as it relates to the covid-19 pandemic. Obviously, no one knows for sure what the future will look like for our area and the entire country. One thing we can do, however, is to use good judgement and practice CDC guidelines. Our club has restarted our monthly meetings at the Lakewood Rod & Gun Club, however, just a reminder they are now being held on the third Thursday of the month, starting at 7:00 pm. Our next club meeting will be held on November 19th and this will, also, be our last club meeting for 2020. The first official club meeting for next year will be in April 2021. Remember the club will be having our Christ-mas Party on Friday, December 4th. Diane Paterniti and Andy McLean are handling all the details and have already sent out some of the information for this year’s party.

In 2021 we will once again be having our annual bowling party in March at the Jamestown Bowling Company on Foote Avenue in Jamestown, NY. I will let everyone know the date and time for this club function. April 15th of 2021 will be the clubs first official club meeting of next year so be sure to mark your calendars for these up-coming events. We should be thinking about a trip to Watkins Glen if they are allowing track time. I will continue to keep you all posted on club news and activities as they are de-fined. Do not forget to get your next year’s dues sent in anytime between now and the end of January 2021. Gary Sandy and I want to wish everyone a safe and Happy Thanksgiving, and a Merry Christmas to you and your family.

October Meeting Minutes
President Gary called the October 15, 2020, meeting to order, of the CCCC with 13 members present. The new meeting time will be the third Thursday of the month @ 7:00 P.M. The Christ-mas Party will be held @ the Harbor Hotel in Celeron,N.Y. on December 4, 2020. The club will make a donation towards every-one's dinner, bringing the cost to $ 25.00 / per person. If anyone wants to stay overnight, rooms available @ $89.00 a night. Email will be out with dinner choices. Send your order with payment to club P.O.Box or bring to November meeting. Discussion was held for spring events: Bowling Party in March, Watkins Glen (April), spring trip if possible. Sunday Oct. 18, 2020, meet at the Warren Walmart parking lot @ 11:00 a.m. for a cruise to Riverside Brew-ery. The meeting ended with a 50/50. Submitted by Lynn Sagurney

Oct 2, 2020

Summer is coming to a close for our area, but we still have time to enjoy our cars before we put them into storage. The weather, along with the virus, has had an impact on the clubs activities this summer. We hope that the virus is more in check next year and will allow us to return to a more normal club event schedule which will include our bowling party in March or our visit to Watkins Glen in April along with our annual 7 to 10 day trip either in the spring or the fall. We still have time to get out and enjoy the beautiful colors in our area in the coming weeks. From what I have read the color this year is supposed to be outstanding, which can change dra-matically with weather changes. Earlier I sent everyone an e-mail about my conversation with a Lakewood Rod & Gun Club board member and that I asked if our club could resume our monthly meeting at the R & G. I was advised that we can restart the club meetings and that we will be able to hold them on a Thursday evening which has opened up after changes to the usage of the R & G clubs meeting room. The meeting schedule will begin on the third Thursday, October 15th at 7:00 pm followed by our last meeting of the year on Thursday November 19th. Note: The web site and club application has been corrected to reflect this change.

The clubs Christmas Party date has changed from Saturday December 5th to Friday the 4th. Greg and Diane Paterniti along with Andy will be providing all the details in the coming weeks. The date change was neces-sary because of the possible closure of the original restaurant location for December.
I am hopeful with the club restarting our monthly meetings that we can get our club events for next season back on to a more normal schedule. Also, with the meetings starting in October we still need to practice good covid-19 standards with social distancing and wearing mask when not sit-ting and moving around in group settings. Even though we are able to hold our meetings we still need to keep safety in mind for the good of all of our members and that of the R & G club members.
That’s all for now and I hope we can have a good showing for our first of-ficial club meeting for 2020. Stay safe and remember to practice the covid-19 standards when possible.

Sept 18, 2020

To All:

I have been in contact with the Lakewood Rod & Gun Club's President and he has in turn reviewed with his BOD my request for our meetings to return to the their location in Lakewood.   I am happy to be able to tell everyone that our club will return to monthly meetings starting in October.  Because many things have changed for their meeting room availability we are now able to return to a Thursday evening and follow our standard monthly schedule.  This is great news and I appreciate the Lakewood BOD reviewing their new usage of the meeting room and allowing us to once again be able to use their meeting room.  However, it will be on the THIRD THURSDAY of the month so mark your calendars accordingly.  Our meetings will be starting on Thursday October 15th followed by the last meeting this year on November 20th.  The meeting start time will remain at 7:00 pm. 


Sept 2020

The summer weather has been dry and great for driving and should have been a fun time. However, with the virus it limited us to what we could do early in the season and I was hoping for a better fall. With that said, I regretted to have to cancel the annual picnic, but I felt it was the best thing to do under the current circumstances. Moving to another location was possible, however, the catering com-pany had planned to serve two different groups in Lakewood that evening and it would have been difficult for them to transport food too far and still manage both groups. It was, also, a possibility any al-ternate location could cancel for the same reasons as the Rod & Gun Club did. We are all aware of clubs and restaurants being re-stricted on the number of people they can have at a single gathering and it will likely remain that way for some time. If any business has an employee or customer that test positive for Covid-19 it has a major negative impact of their business for some time. It maybe sometime before we can resume our normal monthly meetings so we need to think of ways to possibly hold these meetings, I am open to suggestions. An outside venue is a good way to keep everyone at a safe distance, but could create additional issues that we would need to deal with such as parking and communicating effectively. However, this is not anything that we cannot deal with, but it does make sites very limited.
There continues to be restrictions on what our club can take part in, but cruising is not one of them. On Sunday August 23rd our club did have a cruise to Sprague’s Maple Farms in Portville, NY and the turn-out was great, thirteen cars.

The weather was not the best with some rain from time to time, but we all had a great time and the roads, for the most part, were fine. The routes that we used were some that we had not traveled on before. I think we should plan on more cruises for the remaining season so get your thinking caps on and look for inter-esting destinations for us to visit. Another possibility would be to have a mystery cruise as everyone is always ready for an adventurous drive. A travel picnic is an-other options we should consider planning.

On the Covid-19 virus, if what I am reading and hearing is even close to being ac-curate from the medical community, treatments are being developed and early testing is showing promising results. However, even with a vaccine many people may be reluctant to take these shots without long term proof of positive results and what the reactions could possibly be. I, for one, would not hesitate to take the vaccine even without any long term history available, as I believe it beats the alternative.

I know many people were disappointed that we did not go on a fall trip this year including myself, but I felt that it was just too uncertain on hotels, restaurants and even national parks being open. We all know how hard it can be just to find a place for everyone to eat even without the current limitations in place. It would be a problem if we traveled to a faraway location only to find new restrictions had been implemented on things we wanted to visit or use. These issues can change from state to state which makes it even more difficult to determine what the im-pact could be.
On a more positive note, we are looking into a Christmas Party location and Moon Brook Country Club has been tentatively booked for Saturday December 5th. They have the room to safely distance tables and have done a great job for us in the past. Mark this in your calendar as this is always a great time with a central location and easy access to in the winter months. Let’s all hope this virus is under control for next year so we can get back to a more normal club activity of meet-ings and gatherings. In closing, I would like to wish all our members and their families a safe and happy Labor Day weekend. Take care, be safe and GOD BLESS AMERICA!

Aug 2020

It is with regret that I have to inform you that the Lakewood Rod & Gun Club has requested that we cancel our August annual picnic at their pavilion.  I have heard that they have turned other groups away and I sense that they are concerned about group gatherings and someone getting covid-19.  We could look for other locations and end up with the same situation so I am just going to cancel the picnic.

The new C8 seems to be gaining interest, even though production is not high at this time although I have heard a lot of good comments on its performance features. Just wondering if any member has had an opportunity to look at a new C8 or better yet sit in it or had a chance to drive one. NOTE: Because of the limited availabil-ity of the C8 I have heard some dealers are asking very high prices for them.

With the Covid-19 tests increasing, more and more people are testing positive. I hope that everyone’s family is staying safe and following the recommended prac-tices. This brings me back to the topic of our club picnic once again and here is what I would recommend, everyone should wear a face mask until we find our seat and try to social distance when having conversations with other members when possible. Also, don’t forget your hand sanitizer. Maybe we could even have a fun-niest face mask contest, just a thought?

That’s about all for now and I’m hoping that everyone can return to a more normal life style by the end of the year. I, also, would like to plan a September meeting, dependent of restrictions, even if we need to hold it outside. Progress does seem to be heading in the right direction on vaccines so let's keep our fingers crossed. I hope to see everyone at the annual picnic.