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Chautauqua County Corvette Club

P O Box 187 Bemus Point ,NY 14712


May 2019

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 May 9th meeting, May 18 - Bair’s Corvette
   June 8th Merritt Strawberry Fest
   June 13th club meeting
  JUNE 16 - Cruise in (Cockaigne) TBD
 June 20th, War Vets car show & BBQ
  June 20th Warren Food Truck function at St. Joseph Church west side of Warren, Pa
  July 4th, Warren parade
 July 7th, Shenango Corvette Club at Hub- bard Chevrolet   

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 Board of Directors

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About Us

The general purpose of the Club shall be to encourage planned trips, events, and social activities for the members of the Corvette Club; to provide and regulate events and exhibitions for the Corvette Owner; and to encourage careful and skillful driving on public highways. 

 Membership in the Club shall be restricted to owners of Corvette cars and persons interested in Corvette cars and in the purpose of the Club.  

  Meetings are normally held at 7:30 PM every 2nd Thursday of the month at the American Legion Post 777 , at 26 Jackson Avenue.
 This location is just west of the former Sam’s Club on Fairmount Avenue, Jamestown, N.Y.

Club History

  It was a crisp, blustery day in January of 1974. A handful of Corvette enthusiasts had been talking about forming a Corvette Club, but the problem was they were not sure what kind of interest they would get in that type of Club. So on a whim; they decided to advertise in local newspapers that several Chautauqua County Corvette Owners were going to have a meeting at the Fireside Restaurant in Dunkirk. All Corvette owners were invited to attend. Much to their amazement it was a respectable turn out of Corvette owners. The exact number is unknown; however, there were enough present to pursue the idea of a Corvette Club. Another meeting was scheduled for June 1974, and here again a reasonable turnout of Corvette owners. It was then decided to form a club and pass the word throughout the county for members. The name Chautauqua County Corvette Club was the unanimous choice made by the attending people.

  Over the next few years the Club membership kept increasing. Events were planned, car shows scheduled, cruise-ins attended and club members were involved in many other summer functions. During the fall of 1977, the active members of the club felt that it was definitely going to be successful and it was time to define a purpose and Incorporate. So Meri Wahl, Larry Barmore, Shirley Acker, David Acker, and Paul Speziale met in the law offices of Robert Seydel to draw up the Club’s Articles of Incorporation and chart its future. They defined a purpose of the Club, which is still adhered to today. After many long hours of discussion in order to cover all aspects of the Club and its growth, it was incorporated on July 13, 1978. The Chautauqua County Corvette Club became a legal entity under the Not-For-Profit laws of the state of New York. The rest is history. 

  Now over 30 years later, the Club has grown to become one of the most recognized car clubs in Chautauqua County, Western New York, and North-Western Pennsylvania. As the Corvette Hobby grows, so does the CCCC. Membership is open to anyone that owns a Corvette, or is interested in the Corvette hobby.

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